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Currently ... Just focused on getting this Business off the ground! I am Nestled in Manteca, California, Scentfull Kozies is a start-up specialty clothing manufacturer of pajamas. Scentfull Kozies (hereafter referred to by name or as the Company) will initially produce and distribute women’s lounge wear scented with essential oils that offer therapeutic effects. A truly innovative, unique concept, the Company will be a trendsetter in scented pajamas. Scentfull Kozies will target middle to upper class women and market its products through a trendy web site and wholesale distribution to high-end retail stores. The lack of competition and the large target market will provide a solid foundation for generating steady sources of revenue for the Company. Customers will be acquired through a strategic marketing plan, with positive net income generated from its start-up year. A plan for growth has been developed that will allow the Company to maintain operating profits during its initial three years in operation while continually increasing owner equity. Please contact me for a complete Business Plan if interested. Thank you kindly, Katrina Wetzel~

Saturday, July 30, 2011

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Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday, January 28, 2011

New project taking me outta of the Loop a little bit ...

I have so neglected my Blog and I'm sorry ... I have still been working out a great deal and, I will have some tips on supplements soon.

I have been approached and decided to take the challenge ... So I am currently working on writing a book on top of several new LIFE changes in 2011!!!   This is gonna be a GREAT Year started even before the New Year hit  and I'm off and running ;-)

Exercise Updates,  and supplement Tips will be out this week.

Sorry for the Delays.


Thursday, August 26, 2010

Just a little update ...

I have upped my Cardio from 1-4 miles a day to 7-15 a day doing double cardio workouts one in the morning and one in the evening.  THIS IS NOT FOR THE AVERAGE PERSON (~_*)  I have been so busy I haven't been blogging sorry!!!

Anyhoo ... feeling good, although I did pull something in my shoulder I'm still doing plenty of cardio and light on the weights!!! Another Lovely Young Living product has saved my life ;o) 

Ortho Sport saves the day!!! I will be back to Blog more soon!!! Thanks for following and have a GREAT WORKOUT!!!!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Week One ...

How I am Overcoming Chronic Fatigue and a Slow Metabolism and getting my Sexy Back!!!

With the following Young Living products - and a healthy dose of persistence – I am turning things around! (What I currently use is in BOLD)

• Thyromin

• ThermaBurn

• Digest & Cleanse

• Juva Power (Not very tasty)
  ** Ding Ding Ding ... Figured it out  - MIX with unsweetned Almond Milk NOT WATER mm       mmm Good!
• Pure Protein Complete

• Power Meal (Not very tasty)
  ** Ding Ding Ding ... Figured it out - MIX with unsweetned Almond Milk NOT WATER mm mmm Good!

Young Living Essential Oils:

• Peppermint

• Roman Chamomile

• Nutmeg

• Grapefruit

• En-R-Gee

For years, I dieted so hard and consistently that my metabolism nearly shut down. It got so bad that when I tried to diet I could not even lose 10 pounds without a HUGE struggle. It has been absolutely unreal - and ironic - because I have always helped other people lose weight while I was fighting a losing battle myself.

I tried every supplement I could find, things I once used no longer worked, and as I put myself through STRENUOUS diets and workouts that would kill the average person, my basal body temperature stayed chronically low. I experienced coldness, constant fatigue, muscle weakness, and other signs of a slow thyroid along with anemia, because I was working too hard and not feeding my body correctly!!!

ONE week ago, I began taking the above-mentioned supplements along with walking or running 1-4 miles a day, and NOT killing myself as I usually do. It’s hard for me to restrain myself but I decided what I was doing was always a strenuous QUICK Fix I need to do this the slower healthier way …

I have not weighed myself yet and don’t want to become focused on the SCALE!!! I have lost some inches and cut a lot of fat tape measure wise ;o)

I also feel REALY Good!!! So Week One down onto the next … Wanna join me come on along it will not be easy but the end results will be worth it!!! Shoot me an e-mail or give me a call if you need a BOOST or just some help in getting started!


Get Goin!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Best and the Worst .... Losing FAT!!! I PROMISE YOU I KNOW!!!!!

To get on track contact me!!

The Worst Way to Get Rid of Fat

The problem is that while dieting may be the fastest way to burn fat, it is the worst way to keep it off.

Dieting without exercise as a route to weight loss is doomed to failure because muscle is always lost along with fat. When weight is regained, most of the poundage returns as fat-not muscle. This means that with continued dieting, your body composition inevitably becomes fattier and less lean. This can permanently slow down your metabolism because muscle burns 20 to 25 times more calories than fat. To maintain a pound of fat, your body burns two calories a day; to maintain a pound of muscle, your body burns 40 to 50 calories a day.

So if you lose 15 pounds on a get-slim-quick diet, and then regain it, you will actually burn 246 less calories than prior to the diet. This is why after an unsuccessful get-slim-quick diet, you not only regain more weight but you also have a harder time keeping it off!!!

After three or four "successful" diets, your body's basal metabolic rate can become significantly lowered-in some cases by up to 40 percent.

The Best Way to Burn Fat Permanently

The best way to permanently shed unwanted flab is through a combination of moderate exercise, weight training, and proper diet.

There are three reasons why exercising and weight training work to slenderize the body:

1. By adding muscle, you permanently raise your metabolic rate, since muscle burns 25 times more calories than fat. Muscle is active tissue that continually consumes energy - even while resting or sleeping. In contrast, fat is inert and requires little energy to maintain.

2. When you convert fat to muscle, you automatically slenderize yourself because muscle takes up less space than the same weight of fat.

3. Studies have shown that people with more muscles are more energetic. This encourages them to be more active and do more exercising. This creates a self-perpetuating cycle of fat-burning Yippeee!!!

Because muscle weighs more than fat, this means that you might not lose weight if you convert fat into muscle. In fact, many people gain weight after starting a weight-loss program even though they look leaner. This can be very disconcerting to people who are conditioned to associating leaner bodies with less weight. If they stick with their weight training, they will begin to lose weight eventually. However, this is not the real goal. A true slenderizing program is designed to make the body leaner, regardless of what you weigh afterwards.



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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Three Studies ... Interesting Information!!!

The effects of the inhalation method using essential oils on blood pressure and stress responses of clients with essential hypertension

[Article in Korean] Hwang JH. jhhang@kc.ac.kr


PURPOSE: The purpose of this study was to indentify the effects of aromatherapy on blood pressure and stress responses of clients with essential hypertension.

METHOD: There were fifty-two subjects divided into an essential oil group, placebo group, and control group by random assignment. The application of aromatherapy was the inhalation method if blending oils with lavender, ylang-ylang and bergamot once daily for 4 weeks. To evaluate the effects of aromatherapy, blood pressure and pulse were measured two times a week and serum cortisol levels, catecholamine levels, subjective stress, and state anxiety were measured before and after treatment in the three groups. Data was analyzed by repeated measures of ANOVA, one-way ANOVA, and chi(2)-test using the SPSS 10.0 program.

RESULTS: the blood pressure, pulse, subjective stress, state anxiety, and serum cortisol levels among the three groups were significantly statistically different. The differences of catecholamine among the three groups were not significant statistically.

CONCLUSION: The results suggest that the inhalation method using essential oils can be considered an effective nursing intervention that reduces psychological stress responses and serum cortisol levels, as well as the blood pressure of clients with essential hypertension.


The effects of aromatherapy on stress and stress responses in adolescents

[Article in Korean] Seo JY. marseo@hanmail.net


PURPOSE: This study was done to examine the effects of aromatherapy on stress and stress responses in adolescents.

METHODS: A two-group cross-over design was used for this study. The experimental treatment was aroma essential oil inhalation and the placebo treatment was carrier oil inhalation using a necklace. The

sample included 36 female high school students. Fisher’s exact test, t-test, and paired t-test using SPSS/WIN program were used to analyze the data.

RESULTS: Stress levels were significantly lower when the students received the aroma treatment compared to when they received the placebo treatment. The stress responses except salivary IgA levels were significantly lower when the students received the aroma treatment.

CONCLLUSION: Aroma inhalation could be a very effective stress management method for high school students. Therefore, it is recommended that this program be used in clinical practice as an effective nursing intervention for high school students.


Ambient odors of orange and lavender reduce anxiety and improve mood in a dental office.

Lehrner J, Marwinski G, Lehr S, Johren P, Deecke L.

University Clinic of Neurology, Medical University of Vienna, Austria. johann.lehrner@meduniwien.ac.at


PURPOSE: The goal of this study was to investigate the impact of the essential oils of orange and lavender on anxiety, mood, alertness and calmness in dental patients.

METHOD: Two hundred patients between the ages of 18 and 77 years (half women, half men) were assigned to one of four independent groups. While waiting for dental procedures patients were either stimulated with ambient odor of orange or ambient odor of lavender. These conditions were compared to a music condition and a control condition (no odor, no music). Anxiety, mood, alertness and calmness were assessed while patients waited for dental treatment.

RESULTS: Statistical analyses revealed that compared to control condition both ambient odors of orange and lavender reduced anxiety and improved mood in patients waiting for dental treatment.

CONCLUSION: These findings support the previous opinion that odors are capable of altering emotional states and may indicate that the use of odors is helpful in reducing anxiety in dental patients