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Currently ... Just focused on getting this Business off the ground! I am Nestled in Manteca, California, Scentfull Kozies is a start-up specialty clothing manufacturer of pajamas. Scentfull Kozies (hereafter referred to by name or as the Company) will initially produce and distribute women’s lounge wear scented with essential oils that offer therapeutic effects. A truly innovative, unique concept, the Company will be a trendsetter in scented pajamas. Scentfull Kozies will target middle to upper class women and market its products through a trendy web site and wholesale distribution to high-end retail stores. The lack of competition and the large target market will provide a solid foundation for generating steady sources of revenue for the Company. Customers will be acquired through a strategic marketing plan, with positive net income generated from its start-up year. A plan for growth has been developed that will allow the Company to maintain operating profits during its initial three years in operation while continually increasing owner equity. Please contact me for a complete Business Plan if interested. Thank you kindly, Katrina Wetzel~

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Latest ...

Hope to have the Web site up within the next few months. With the economy the way it is ... I have had to make many adjustments. So as I work towards producing the perfect pair of "Scented pajamas" i.e. Scentfull Kozies - I am also working on many other scented items I love!! They will be added to the web site and available for purchase as soon as the site is up!

Currently working on adding 100% hand-crafted, highly-scented candles.
Hours have been spent perfecting each and every candle recipe produced. Each has been thoroughly tested and hand poured virtually every commercial wax blend on the market and several hundred different fragrance oils. Every candle container has been tested with multiple wick types and sizes to ensure maximum burn characteristics for the life of the candle. Each and every candle is personally tested by myself as well as various third parties who are also extreme candle enthusiasts. Based on the results of the tests, recipes are adjusted if needed, candles are reproduced and sent back out for testing.The End Result A true 100% handcrafted, hand poured, perfectly scented and perfect burning candle with an extremely high scent throw.

Soy Wax vs. Paraffin Wax
Currently, all of our candles are formulated with an extremely high-quality, Soft and Creamy, Paraffin wax blend. This specially formulated blend is the key element as to why our candles are so strong smelling. By researching you'll soon discover that "Soy" candles don't burn any cleaner than other types of candles. In fact, the whole "Soy Candles are Better" advertising campaign is just that - an advertising campaign! All we know is that out of all the different wax blends that we have personally tested (and that's a lot), the paraffin blend that we use, by far, out performs any soy based candle on the market in terms of scent throw. However, due to the growing popularity of soy wax, we are currently testing several soy blends...we just haven't found one that meets our "Scent Throw" standards. But we're looking and it is coming soon :)

Read the truth about Soy, Paraffin ...
and other types of waxes on the market at the National Candle Association, the governing authority for United States Candle Manufacturers:. NCA ( National Candle Association):